About us

Dark Room Studios is an independent localization company located in Moscow, Russia.

Our services include a wide variety of localization services for the video games industry. With experience in large-scale international projects, we can translate your game and website to your choice of any of the world's top 20 languages and more.

With experience of the difficulty of indie game development, our rates are the lowest on the market, while our translators and editors have experience on the largest AAA titles and can deliver translations according to the best global quality.

Why choose us?

We play games. After all, there are only two types of people who know what it takes to produce good localization: translators and gamers. And we are both.

Give it a try. Still unsatisfied? We provide a free translation as a trial in order to personally experience of our professionalism.

Quality and Terms. High-quality translations are one of the things that make us stand out, and that’s what we offer. With our expertise and proven processes, we deliver fast and save your time.

Flexible Costs. We have an array of pricing options for our services. Contact us to find the best solution that fits your budget.