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Seppo started his musical “career” at age 6 with piano and later he wanted to expand his musical knowledge by learning to play cello, guitar, drums, synths and bass. Now his main instrument is guitar and he plays in several bands: Denigrate (founder), Dead Shape Figure, Ambassadors Of Eternity (founder), Pahuuden Prototyyppi, Trail of Two (founder), Ten For None, Haven (cover band).. and there is always some projects going on. Denigrate had a record deal with Warner Music Finland in 2002 and that taught a lot about the touring and the music industry itself. Seppo wants to help younger bands to avoid the mistakes that he made back in the days and try to give some advice on how they should approach record companies etc..

Need help to finish your song?

Seppo is composing new music all the time for his bands and also from request. He is producing songs from acoustic bedroom versions to stadion rock versions, so please do not hesitate to ask for collaboration, help to finish a song or full song if you need.

Studio Engineering

Seppo can work with several DAW´s such as Logic X, Pro tools, Cubase, Reaper but the most familiar is Cubase.

Seppo started to make demos for his own and friend bands in 1994 with Tascam 4-tracker and developed his gear during the years. He has been working in different kinds of studios (Sonic pump studios, D-Studio, Finnvox..) and sometimes the recordings are made at the artists training facilities.. Portable studio equipment gives a possibility to work wherever is needed. He has worked with many artists and bands from different genres (rock, metal, bluegrass, jazz, instrumental, acoustic, EDM…) during his 28 years journey.

Summary of 2022


Verenian – Echoes of Dissonance (EP) (Mixing)
FearouT – Resistenza (EP) (Recording drums, Mixing)
Embreach – Shadowcast (song), (Producing and mixing)
Jarno Vanhanen: Kuvan maailma VII-XIV (Recorded and mixed and mastered)
Miska Kahelin: Time (Recorded and mixed)


Ambassadors of Eternity – Arrival (Engineering and editing)
Denigrate – Blackguard (Engineering and editing)
Dead Shape Figure – Vocals for new album (producing and recording vocals)


Ten For None – ANIMAL and REMEDY (Recorded guitars)
Dead Shape Figure -SHADOWCAST and ANTIGONE (Recorded guitars)

European Tour with Denigrate

The best thing on this year was European Tour with Denigrate. We had a chance to be part of one week journey with Fleshgod Apocalypse and Omnium Gatherum. I hope that we will have new tour or Festival concerts on next year.

Earlier works

Fearout - Bleedthrough - Mixing
MISKA – ”My home is where you are” Producing, Mixing
JACKS BASKET ROOM – ”wrong turn” Mixing and sound production

Photos from the sessions


Here is some studio gear that I have

DAW: CUBASE 11 pro

INTERFACE: Apollo twin X and Focusrite Saffire pro40. Possibility to use M-audio interfaces as Firewire 1814…

PREAMPS: LA-610 and Golden age pre-73×2

MICS: AKG 414 MKII stereo pair, Audix D6, D4x2,D2, Shure 57×2, Golden age Project FC1 mic pair, Airs… 

GUITARS: PRS Custom 24, Ibanez j.Custom, Ibanez RG 7-string, ESP Ltd Viper, Tanglewood, Tokai stratocaster, Jackson soloist pro, Jackson Randy Rhoards, Washburn..

BASS: Blade 5-strings

Plugins: Nexus, Neural DSP Nameless, Soldano, Gojira, Nolly, Waves, UAD, Valhalla

Keyboards: Nektar Impact LX 49+


Let’s take your music to a new level.

Please contact me for more information!


+358 400 774886

Control room is based in Espoo, Finland – Acting worldwide